Thursday, November 21, 2019

Submission of a complaint to the Public Prosecutor against Ramla Akhtar, the cyberstalker

Today, November 21, 2019, a complaint to the Public Prosecutor was registered at Loire-Atlantique high court (Tribunal de Grande Instance) against the cyberstalker Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, who sent 296 tweets against @bernardgrua in two months under her account @barefootRamster (recently changed to @barefoot_rmala). The accusations are harassment, defamation and calumnious delation. A complaint was also registered against Twitter .
Due to the volume represented by the 296 stalking Tweets and issues with responsive lay-out, this article can be better read on a computer. 

a complaint to the Public Prosecutor was registered at Loire-Atlantique high court (Tribunal de Grande Instance) against the cyberstalker Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, who sent 296 tweets against @bernardgrua in two months under her account @barefootRamster (recently changed to @barefoot_rmala). The accusations are harassment, defamation and calumnious delation. A complaint was also registered against Twitter .

The accusation letter, with all the 296 tweets and with Twitter reports aknowledging Ramla Akhtar hate conduct against Bernard Grua are filed, now, at the High Court.

The accusation letter, with all the 296 tweets and with Twitter reports aknowledging Ramla Akhtar hate conduct against Bernard Grua are filed, now, at the High Court.

Translation of the complaint letter registered at High Court (tribunal de Grande Instance)

Bernard Grua
44100 Nantes
06 ** ** ** 60
Monsieur le Procureur de la République
Tribunal de Grande Instance
Palais de Justice
19, quai François-Mitterrand
44000 Nantes
Re: Complaint filing
Nantes, November 21, 2019
Mister Prosecutor
I, here-below undersigning, Bernard Grua, born August 12, 1962, inventory professionnal residing in Nantes, have the honor to file a complaint in your hands against Mrs. Ramla Akhtar, alias Rmala Aalam, for harassment (article 222-33-2-2 of Criminal Code), public defamation (law of July 29, 1881) and slanderous denunciation (article 226-10 of the Criminal Code), through 296 tweets issued against myself between September 18 and November 19, 2019. For the same reasons, I have the honor to file a complaint against the Twitter Company to whom I sent regular and detailed reports. Indeed, Twitter has recognized the fact that this user violates its principles of use and shows hateful behavior towards me, without making the decision to put an end to this malice by closing the account and removing the tweets.
Mrs. Ramla Akhtar lives in Hussaini (Gulmit), Hunza Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, where she runs a local products shop under the name of "BetterBonds". Her main accounts, groups and pages on Twitter or Facebook, which have been identified so far, are: (renamed on 11/20/2019 into
As of November, 19, 2019, on Twitter, the main authorities to which Mrs Aktar's slanderous delations were addressed (in parenthesis, number of occurrences) are: NantesMetropole (39), Johanna_Rolland* (25), NationalPolice (12), Interpol (12), FranceInPak *​​(11) ), PoliceNat44* (10).
On Wednesday, November 20, the Nantes central police station was visited to emphasize the fact its Twitter account, « PoliceNat44 », was an addressee of numerous slanderous delation tweets
In such circumstances, I would be grateful if you could record my two complaints, against Mrs. Ramla Akhtar and against the Twitter Company, in order to give this case its legal effect and to assert my rights.
Please accept, Mr. Prosecutor, the expression of my respectful greetings.
Bernard Grua
Attachments: Defamation, harassment and slanderous delation tweets, Twitter reports, Bernard Grua's passport.

Notes : Johanna Rolland* is Nantes Mayor. « FranceInPak *» is the twitter account of the French embassy in Islamabad. « PoliceNat44* » is the twitter account of Loire-Atlantique police which headquarters are in Nantes.

Twitter's reports about cyberstalker Ramla Aktar transmitted to Hight Court

Twitter's reports about cyberstalker Ramla Aktar transmitted to Hight Court

Complete detailed 296 tweets from cyberstalker Ramla Akhtar, transmitted to High Court



# Text Date T. To

1 @BernardGrua @FranceinPak @PakistaninParis @francediplo @pamirtimes @Passutimes Hold on. Aren't you the man who offered truce (me not reporting your crimes) by demanding I lie to French Emb about complaining about you?? 18/09/19 12:10 6

2 @BernardGrua @pid_gov @MOIofficialPk @MOIPakistan @akdn OK Mr. Bernard Grua. But you sort of mentioned you are ganging up with local men, and declined tommention your intent. So many men against a mommy and you call ME a hater? I am in fact #terrorized and demand security. 18/09/19 12:15 5

3 @BernardGrua @FranceinPak @PakistaninParis @francediplo @pamirtimes @Passutimes So this gentleman who has no legal guardianship over a child (mine) invites the Internet to decide her fate. When challenged he yells that the child's Mom is endangering him. Indeed! 18/09/19 12:19 6

4 @BernardGrua @FranceinPak @PakistaninParis @francediplo @pamirtimes @Passutimes The fact is that Mr. Bernard Grua has been sending threats to a Pakistani female citizen even he bears no connection with her and she didn't do anything towarda him prior to HIM reaching her FIRST. 18/09/19 21:08 6

5 @BernardGrua @pid_gov @MOIofficialPk @MOIPakistan @akdn Alas Mr. Bernard Grua is lying and misrepresenting the truth. He has been sending threats to a female Pakistani citizen and has pretended the reverse. 18/09/19 21:10 5

6 @Johanna_Rolland Dear Mayor.
A resident of #Nantes, Mr @BernardGrua has been terrorizing a wholly unrelated Pakistani female, a victim of crimes, since May 2019. I seek your advice and support.
19/09/19 3:55 2

7 Dear Madam @Johanna_Rolland. Your attention is respectfully drawn towards Mr. @BernardGrua, a resident of Nantes, who has subjected me to an unpleasant, unauthorized attack online sonce several months. (I was in a remote village w bad Net doing seasonal work, responding now.)1/2 19/09/19 6:48 2

8 @Johanna_Rolland I would like some sort of guidance and help in understanding how to protect myself from a delinquent person @BernardGrua who is reaching me online all the way from @NantesMetropole. 2/2 19/09/19 6:49 3

9 @NantesMetropole A resident of Nantes, Mr @BernardGrua id involved in yielding a tragic assault on a mom overseas (in Pakistan). @Malala 19/09/19 6:52 3

10 @Malala Young girls in a remote region of Pakistan are the target of a family of influential local criminals
CC: @BernardGrua. BG you can't cover a #pedo for too long! 😠
19/09/19 6:56 2

11 @thomasquero @policenat44 @bassalaicha @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @namtes_buzz @julienbainvel @cmeyer44 @ClemCadiet @MaudiMm HELP! A resident of Nantes @BernardGrua is stalking/threatening a Pakistani mom+activist. 20/09/19 9:04 10

12 Resident of #Nantes #France, Mr. @BernardGrua, aspiring novelist and currently world-traveler, AND anti-#Russia #troll... is a class act.
Here he is in action, threatening a woman overseas. 👉
20/09/19 19:44 1

13 @BernardGrua @Elysee @EmmanuelMacron @JY_LeDrian How do you deem him any different from you and your terrorizing/brutal/illegal behavior in essence, Mr. @BernardGrua? 😕 21/09/19 12:36 5

14 @BernardGrua More importantly, is there no law in #France to prevent its citizens such as yourself, Mr. @BernardGrua, from terrorizing stranger abroad, meddling in their family and ethnic affairs? 😕 21/09/19 12:38 2

15 @GettyImages photographer bernard-grua @BernardGrua gets *gruesome* on his foreign trips where, apart from camera and pen work, he ALSO meddles in local politics AND takes sides in family disputes.
21/09/19 18:59 2

16 Mr. @BernardGrua, an unexpectedly ungentlemanly man, tries to prevent us from reaching @GettyImages by embedding a threat: "That we will be thought of as Talib*n." You decide:
21/09/19 19:04 2

17 Scary guy @BernardGrua gets more than a little overexcited when threatening what he believes is a vulnerable, easy target: a Mommy.
Here, he threatens her.
21/09/19 19:11 1

18 French madman @BernardGrua carries on his #campaignOfTerror against a Pakistani woman who wrote a travel review he didn't agree with. "I will tarnish you forever", he promises. Mr. Grua also engages in anti-Russia trolling and is a troubling character. 22/09/19 2:35 1

19 @kashmalamna @nighatdad @kirannazish Wondering if yoy can guide me about a cyber-stalker, @BernardGrua, who has been pursuing me with malignant intention since I warned travelers about a criminal, #pedophile guide. 22/09/19 2:43 4

20 French troll+ sadist @BernardGrua pretends that the mayor of @NantesMetropole, his place of residence, @Johanna_Rolland is a "man", when a Pakistani woman he is harassing shares she will bring her plight to the mayor's notice.
22/09/19 4:21 3

21 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox Ha, ha. Another one of your make-belief "media outlets"? @BernardGrua.
Sad to see you ruining your (possibly nonexistent) career online.
23/09/19 22:48 4

22 @BernardGrua @kashmalamna @nighatdad @kirannazish Nothing, however, explains why Monsieur @BernardGrua tries to cover up for a notorious #pedophile. 23/09/19 22:50 5

23 @BernardGrua @GettyImages My regrets but "photographer" Mr @BernardGrua is in a sticky situation after threatening a woman overseas to be silent about the crimes of a local male. 23/09/19 22:52 3

24 @BernardGrua Coming from a man, @BernardGrua, who is covering up for a pedophile buddy and subtly threatening his adversary, this is rich. Nevermind. You're in a sticky spot, Uncle BG. 23/09/19 22:54 2

25 @BernardGrua One wonders what's your vested interest given that I am married into the community, live there, and am actually contesting a pedophile who TARGETS the teen girls of his community? 23/09/19 22:55 1

26 @BernardGrua @kashmalamna @nighatdad @kirannazish Funny. There is no action upon and response to your plenty of idiotic "reports" and allegations. If at all, you hasten the downfall of your criminal buddy, the guy you are protecting... who knows why? 23/09/19 22:56 4

27 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland With due respect, monsieur Bernard is caught red-handed supporting a hardy criminal overseas and is niw threatening the woman who contests his criminal buddy. Embarrassing. 23/09/19 22:58 2

28 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland Can you specify where calls against visitors or for that matter the community are given? Or are you just lying and buffooning as ever, Mr. @BernardGrua? 23/09/19 22:59 4

29 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland And how do the problems of overseas Pakistanis concern you? Did you mention to your mayor that you promised me "I will break you, little prostitute"? Is that legal in France? 23/09/19 23:02 2

30 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland Mr. @BernardGrua pretends the mayor of #Nantes, @Johanna_Rolland, is male. He thought it would frighten the Pakistani woman he has been stalking for pleasure.
23/09/19 23:06 4

31 @BernardGrua Supremacists and racists like you who first terrorize women and children overseas then pretend innocence are a bigger problem.
23/09/19 23:07 1

32 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland Still waiting for action on your delirious report... written so poorly and with so much malice that I cannot read it and have to rely on your feverish summaries. 23/09/19 23:09 2

33 @BernardGrua Your panic is embarassing.
Is this kind of threat to a #woman legal in France? Even under the circumstances? And what circumstances?
23/09/19 23:12 1

34 @BernardGrua @kashmalamna @nighatdad @kirannazish Ha, ha.
Mr Bernard Grua's real panic point is that he bullied me about exposing a Pakistani #pedophile. When warned to stay out of it, Grua PERSISTED and SENT THREATs. Here, he defends #grooming. Version w unscreened names shared w law enforcement only.
23/09/19 23:18 4

35 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox Can you share the nature of your interest in meddling in the affairs of Muslim countries? Or are you perhaps a disturbed agent provocateur, furthering his (secret?) #trolling career overseas? 23/09/19 23:27 3

36 @BernardGrua @GettyImages You lie that I am anti-Wakhi,a stupid claim since my kid is Wakhi and is taught that language and lives in that region. I supported the community and our family within; until *locals* informed me of the crimes of the guy you are trying to protect. 1/2 23/09/19 23:31 2

37 @BernardGrua @GettyImages Perhaps you need to look in the mirror, Grua, when you speak of what's "ugly". 23/09/19 23:36 2

38 @BernardGrua @ErwanLeCorre Do you mean this kid?

Ah well she is alive and happy, supported by her Mommy. Whereas you are busy covering up for her MIA daddy who happens to be a teen grooming #pedophile.
23/09/19 23:39 2

39 @BernardGrua @GettyImages @BarefootRaRa @BetterBonds Your imagination far exceeds the facts. Can you please save face and your little community @NantesMetropole's honir by simply admitting you made a bad mistake by backing a criminal mafia overseas? 23/09/19 23:42 5

40 @BernardGrua @GettyImages @BarefootRaRa @BetterBonds Carrying licensed guns for self-protection is not a crime in Pakistan. In fact, foreign travelers like you are often assigned police for protection. You really shouldn't be meddling with the laws and security needs of a country. 23/09/19 23:44 4

41 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland The cowardly Mr. Grua tries to destroy a whole nation to cover up for the fact that he threatened a Pakistani lady for exposing a LOCAL pedophile who happens to be minority. Alas Mr. BG our constitution treats pedos from all sects and factions equally. Not bad, eh? Why object? 23/09/19 23:49 3

42 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland M. Grua est en train de mentir.
Il s'est impliqué dans le soutien aux criminels à l'étranger.

M. Grua menace les opposants aux criminels.
23/09/19 23:58 2

43 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox But you protect pedophiles because they belong to minorities?
24/09/19 0:00 3

44 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox So what gives the confidence that you are ALWAYS RIGHT? You began abusing a lady for sharing evidence in URDU LANGUAGE of the misdeeds of a man infamous for attacking girls of HIS community. Can you read Urdu? 24/09/19 0:02 3

45 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox It seems you went to Harvard to learn how to write case studies. Nice. So when I invited you to call up locals to ask if indeed their fellow male was involved in crimes, you abused me. Why exactly? Do you know me? 24/09/19 0:03 3

46 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox So you admit you are engaged in this activities and biased since years. Given that you pass judgments on material in foreign languages you cannot even read, doesn't your irresponsible behavior make you a liability? Did you ever seek therapy for rage, Mr. Grua? 24/09/19 0:04 3

47 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox If you see a Muslim majority woman abused by a delinquent male of a Muslim minority who seduces and harms girls of HIS OWN COMMUNITY, why would you FAVOR HIM, attack the woman, ignore the minority girls? It's a #gender issue not a sect one, but you made it so. Are you insane? 24/09/19 0:07 3

48 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox You are in fact a highly volatile and instable person with nothing but vitriol, conspiracy theories, and boring passé war fantasies littering his aesthetically ugly website. 24/09/19 0:09 3

49 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox Instable trolls and madmen like you have made a career out of inserting themselves into tricky situation overseas. You believe we are still in an era when races you consider inferior cannot fight back and will kiss your White Knight hand. Pfft! 24/09/19 0:12 3

50 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox What documentary proof do you have that the pedophile you favor is innocent? Did you investigate or are you simply relying on copious amounts of bullshit and heresay? 24/09/19 0:13 3

51 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox Under what circumstances is it legal for you to message a woman overseas "I will break you little prostitute"; when she doesn't even know you? 24/09/19 0:14 3

52 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox And how do we know that with your profile of instability, misogyny, cowardice, malice, inability to read foreign scripts you are passing judgments on... you will not one day become a threat to public security? What harm could you cause IN PERSON? 24/09/19 0:15 3

53 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox Funny because you threarened the mom of that child "I will break you lityle prostitute". Were you trying to make Mom and kid safe? I wonder. 24/09/19 0:17 3

54 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox Why write articles?
Send authorities so we can verify or deny your claims together. LOL.
24/09/19 0:19 3

55 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox If you care so much about the kid, can you explain sending threats to her Mommy just to satisfy your sadistic urges? 24/09/19 0:28 3

56 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox Nothing funny in you using a kid to cover up your criminal stalking of her mommy, and #MahrukhBeyg using the trust of an all-wonan family to ATTACK them rather than help... since she thought it helped her business! 24/09/19 1:24 3

57 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox LOL. The woman who is feeding you false information and urging you to abuse me and my child is #MahrukhBeyg, a woman who I SUPPORTED on MY FB GROUP in 2016 when she told me she was opening a shop. 1/2 24/09/19 2:05 3

58 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox She even thanked me for it. 2/2.
But what she did next was terrifying. I was ill one night (all screenshots safe w me); after friends refused to STOP telling me to "just pray" I basically said something stupid. I expected help. She sent the CPS. Could send love.
She is a snitch.
24/09/19 2:15 3

59 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox I can tell you one thing Mr. Grua, if I saw a mom posting what I posted (the conversation thread was long in which I was asking PRAY TO GOD FOLKS to retreat so I could get practical help).. I would call her first and GENTLY calm her. 24/09/19 2:17 3

60 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox The truth is (and I did not see it right away, my group which I later left told me) that Ms. Beyg saw me as competition, she basically made a long call to me to inquire personal history instead of asking for gemstones. Then this. 24/09/19 2:18 3

61 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox The CPS found nothing, because my ranty post was not just a hoax, it actually said MY KID WAS YELLING LAST NIGHT SO I WRAPPED HER... AND I AM SICK.
Wrapping kids is a rural not a city practice... in 2016 city folks confused it for something deadly. 😂
24/09/19 2:26 3

62 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox My post was a hoax because the photo I used was an old photo taken on occasion when my kid got stuck in her wrap and began yelling, prompting me to take a memory photo of #WrapFail... basically to mark end of our swaddling journey. 24/09/19 2:28 3

63 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox On all previous occasions my kid embraced the wrap/swaddle/ bundling in peace. As you would recall, it's a traditional Hunza/ Pakhtun/ indigenous practice. City folks fear it and consider it inhumane and deadly. So I hide it from their idiot eyes. 24/09/19 2:31 3

64 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox When the CPS came I admitted to talking shit (not a crime but certainly alarming) but ALSO showed them the Indian baby carrier I had imported just a day ago. They went back embarrassed. 24/09/19 2:33 3

65 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox Our wraps and "harnesses" are a safety feature for my lovely kid whom I raised alone in mounting adversity. They are always soft, such as this scarf meant to hold the kid off edge of Altit Fort. 24/09/19 2:36 3

66 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox The kid is not ALWAYS wrapped or harnessed of course; she stood freely at safe edges. We did harness her in Centaurus Mall once and I was worried what will folks think. Then a mom's 1yr old fell upon thr escalator. I was vindicated. 24/09/19 2:40 3

67 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox That's my kid in Passu, watching cattle pass. I am nowhere near. Guess why? BECAUSE THE KID IS SAFELY ATTACHED TO THE RAILING with a soft scarf; adult by side. We are neither dumb not careless Mr. Grua. 24/09/19 2:42 3

68 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox More #wrapping... this time using #Kalasha straps made of embroidered weaves. ... 24/09/19 2:45 3

69 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox More child safety. (It was our first carrier and so this photo doesn't show perfect carrying.) 24/09/19 2:46 3

70 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox In fact, based on our experiences that no one guided us on at the guide (so I learned from the Net).. we write guides for other moms.
24/09/19 2:48 3

71 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox See? We share our nowhow with other moms too... because I care. And you? You attack a mom for fun. What a thug. What a lowlife opportunistic scum you are, Mr. Grua. 24/09/19 2:50 3

72 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox You Mr. Grua are not just scum, you represent a danger to innocent parties in family/communal disputes you have NO legal authority over. ALSO: Bet your best buddy #MahrukhBeyg raised her kids on "servants". Thus she got no empathy, only snot. That's her, w a snake. How fitting!😒 24/09/19 2:56 3

73 @BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox If you care about kids, stop #harassing their mommies.

Also, when you pretended that @Johanna_Rolland is a MAN and you tried to suggest "he" is some possibly bad "kind of a man", you committed at least a borderline crime.
24/09/19 2:59 4

74 @BernardGrua You are a terrible example of how White folks shpuld NOT conduct themselves overseas: meddling into private matters; taking favorite sides; DISCOURAGING FOLKS FROM SEEING LAWYERs; and obstructing justice overseas. So there. 24/09/19 3:00 1

75 @BernardGrua May be consider #grosFauxPasGrua as your next Twitter handle? 😉 24/09/19 3:05 1

76 Mr @BernardGrua, as a #French citizen, by what law or authority did you give a Pakistani lady the impression that you can use your "contacts"in Pakistani mountain regions to expel her from a Pakistani valley, given that dishonest locals owe her her money? 24/09/19 3:35 1

77 @BernardGrua So many tall ranty articles on *me*, but not even ONE on the pedophile you back up amd who I gave you an OPEN INVITE ito investigate. Are you neutral and objective or are you an uncouth thug hunting upon the weak? 24/09/19 5:08 1

78 After ABUSING a Pakistani woman seeking rest and justice, troll @BernardGrua starts turning his heat upon the weaker party: a 5 yr old child.

A class act, this is not.
24/09/19 5:10 1

79 #Opportunist stalker and wannabe hero @BernardGrua desperately looks for the next opening where he can attack (and paradoxically strengthen) Pakistani Mommy, @barefootRamster. Bernard chose to abuse her about a dispute that has no relation to him😕 Plus it gives him a day job!😂 24/09/19 7:32 2

80 Poor @BernardGrua sets off to interview himself about his latest target practice, to publish on his own website so he can reread his word-vomit ad infinitum and discuss the contents with equally and sick vultures and WAITH HIS OWN FAKE IDENTITIES. 😂 What a deathfest. 24/09/19 7:36 1

81 @BernardGrua says he's a novelist. Has he written a novel, is writing it or will write it? Does he perchance need to imagine a female Islamist antagonist, to model whom he picks a lady challenging a pedophile, unleash hell on her, then misrepresent her JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT? 24/09/19 10:03 1

82 Caricaturing a human for reeky personal benefits and to unload the rotten molasses of deep-seed psychosis. Hmmm.. where have we seen this before, @BernardGrua? Ah....#somewhereInEurope... 24/09/19 10:05 1

83 @BernardGrua Exposing a.m pedophile-rapist-opportunist is "hate", just because you LIKE the guy?? And his sect and race do not beget any scrutiny from you? Ah no wonder your best skill so far is third-tier SEO sprints. 😂😂
24/09/19 10:08 1

84 @BernardGrua Speaking of Harvard... your alma maters. What will they think of your speech???

"I will break you little prostitute!" was epic.

Guess we'll have to find out what normal adults think of your breakdown.
Le sigh.
24/09/19 10:10 1

85 According to French troll and heckler @BernardGrua who has just been kicked off Twitter, if an ordinary Pakistani citizen is #Sunni, they are "Taliban" and cannot challenge the criminal activities and aptitudes of a member of minority in PK. Wow. Is that even legal?? 26/09/19 5:08 1

86 A French citizen engaged in a prolonged harassment and threats campaign aimed at a Pakistani mother pretends the mayor of his town, #Nantes, @Johanna_Rolland Johanna_Rolland is a "man"... 🙏🌹👍 26/09/19 18:20 1

87 @agoravox It has come to my attention that a violent troll @BernardGrua has used your platform to publish a misleading, harmful amd incriminating article about me; Ramla. May I have the link to that article please? Thank you. 27/09/19 9:20 2

88 @BernardGrua I would pay you your narrative's worth before "using it", 🐊 but it's embarassing to try to transfer two pence abroad! 😆😆🤷🏻‍♀
Actually if someone used your "material", you may need to pay them for recycling #trash.
27/09/19 18:37 1

89 @PoliceNationale Please help! I am a Pakistani single mom based in Pakistan. A French citizen @BernardGrua is exciting people to attack me by giving them my location. He is angry because I wrote a blog exposing a #pedophile in PK, a man Grua likes. Yes, odd. I know. 28/09/19 0:38 2

90 @PoliceNationale In my previous tweet I mentioned @BernardGrua. He keeps deactivating and reactivating this Twitter account. Please note. Thank you. 28/09/19 0:49 2

91 @BernardGrua resurrects as @GruaBernard. This time, he has installed himself as the wannabe leader of a minority ethnic community in Pakistan. Because he totally legally can. (Jokes aside. This is how hostile foreigners take positions in target countries. PAKISTANI STATE BEWARE!) 28/09/19 17:54 2

92 Why is @GruaBernard using a domestic dispute between an absconding husband and his angry wife to excite violence and differences between two communities? Who sent him to PK? What's in it for him? #hmm #opportunistOrAgent? 28/09/19 17:56 1

93 Death threats received from a famous tour guide based in #Chapursan valley Pakistan. Now this Chapursan family has aligned with a foreigner @GruaBernard/@BernardGrua to troll me online in order to silence me. 29/09/19 3:48 2

94 @EuropeanWomen Attention please! French troll and misogynist Monsieur @GruaBernard @BernardGrua has been endangering, threatening and abusing a Pakistani mother in vulnerable circumstances... blackmailing her for unclear purposes. 30/09/19 5:57 3

95 @GruaBernard I don't use people of other cultires as a backdrop oof my foolish adventures. Also, it looks like they can't see the pallid Count Dracula standing next to them. Were you as invisible as the toxic hatred in your heart? (Apologies to this lovely family being used.) 30/09/19 11:51 1

96 French troll @gruaBernard/ @BernardGrua justifies a death "advisory" sent to a #Pakistani lady by her partner. Full article by Mr. Bernard Grua, resident of #Nantes, suggests she deserves maltreatment.
30/09/19 15:00 5

97 @GruaBernard/@BernardGrua
You have been trolling my country and me, a citizen of my country, sending me COUNTLESS THREATS and promising you will have me exiled from my own nation's territory. French & Pakistani authorities need to know about us illegal threats to a foreigner.
01/10/19 9:53 2

98 @gruabernard @bernardgrua
Sure. Go ahead. Tell @PoliceNationale and Pakistani state that you told a woman in Pakistan that death threats to her from her partner are "advice of a wise man".
01/10/19 9:57 3

99 Are these self-righteous words the product of the same man @gruaBernard who asked me to lie to his country #France's embassy in Pakistan that my complaint about him was "in error". And who hissed to me, "I will break you, little prostitute!" French law OK w that??
01/10/19 10:07 2

100 @GruaBernard admits to.mobilizing a Pakistani community against a fellow Pakistani aggrieved by her experiences in that community.
What does he say about this?
01/10/19 10:15 1

101 @GruaBernard #Racists and stereotypers like you go to exotic countries and treat our races and ethnicities as ponies 🐴 that you pick and bet on, on whim. You have no real knowhow, no nuance, no respect for local autonomy. Do you even know what these things mean? (No. You don't.) 01/10/19 10:19 1

102 @gruabernard Just once again, you looked pretty scary in that "I have been invited to a token Sunni wedding" picture. 😨😨 Hope you didn't smooch any girl over 8 on the way out? 😞
02/10/19 0:34 2

103 @GruaBernard is a French troll who has mounted a coordinated attack on a Pakistani woman for exposing a local tour guide/homestay host who is predator & #pedophile who has grossly misrepresented his community and country to guests from around the world. @EuropeanWomen (1/2) 02/10/19 1:00 2

104 Threats sent by French troll @gruabernard to a female Pakistani target of his harassment and abuse. @EuropeanWomen @PoliceNationale @PoliceNat44 @NantesMetropole 02/10/19 1:03 5

105 He has hidden his information from this page now and changed its name to "****-Trolls" (masking ID), but in May/June 2019, this was the hidden secret agenda and mission of #troll @BernardGrua @GruaBernard who travels the world in the guise of a goodwill bearing photographer. 02/10/19 1:07 2

106 Hi troll @GruaBernard. My ally anti-trolling team is coming for you. By co-opting the Stop Trolls name and ideology, you've now pissed off some people you shouldn't have pretended to be one of. 02/10/19 11:47 1

107 Yup. @GruaBernard @BernardGrua is a French #troll who is backing up a pretty wild #pedophile/predator in Pakistan، supporting his against an insider whistleblower, me. 😒
#Another #JeffreyEpstein
02/10/19 22:29 2

108 @gruabernard Since when is reporting a dangerous delinquent such as yourself, calumny? You are trying to excite intra-#sectaruan strife in #Pakistan. You should be banned from visiting PK and other Muslim countries plus #Russia, whom you also rabble-rouse against. 03/10/19 6:40 1

109 Just for the record, deliquent madman @GruaBernard resident of @NantesMetropole is harassing a Pakistani mother with a minor child since May 2019. He is supported by her nemesis, #MahrukhBeyg who previously attempted to hsve the child snatched. #WTF 03/10/19 18:23 2

110 @GruaBernard, professional troll with multiple ID (and personalities?) began harassing a Pakistani mom since she alerted her PK mom readers about a tour guide with criminal demenour; also her distanced husband. Grua says he can't "permit" her to do so. Is she his medieval slave?? 03/10/19 18:29 1

111 @GruaBernard A selection of threats and abuse sent by @GruaBernard, owner of #BestInventory, but in actual secret life a troll and blackmailer, to a Pakistani mom suffering #CPTSD will be published soon. 03/10/19 18:32 2

112 I intend to.remind whoever may be noticing that a highly dangerous man @GruaBernard from #Nantes #France is collaborating with a #pedophile and #rapist/financial fraudster in Pakistan to silence his whistleblower, Me. @PoliceNationale @EuropeanWomen 06/10/19 3:33 3

113 @EuropeanWomen @INTERPOL_HQ @Interpol @INTERPOL_Cyber This is a serious travel warning for women and girls (even those with accompanying travelers). #ptdc

I have received threats from @gruabernard for publishing it earlier on my blog.
08/10/19 4:12 5

114 Can relate to this. Been under obsessive-compulsive assault by French troll @gruabernard for outing @chapursani, a chronic fraud, rapist, teenophile with a terrifying history. @TIMESUPNOW #MeToo @womensmarch 08/10/19 4:42 4

115 In the very north of Pakistan in a wild valley lives a man who has rsped and assaulted countless wonen and girls, manipulating several. He is @chapursani. When I wrote on my blog about it, vicious troll @gruabernard @bernardgrua promised to "tranish (me) forever". He's at it. 09/10/19 4:10 3

116 It bears repeating: ever since I sent an alert on my blog about a SERIOUS serial sex offender (ex-)CouchSurfing* host+tour guide in #Chapursan valley, I have received terrifying threats and abuse from his friend French troll @gruabernard @bernardgrua.

*CS has kicked him since.
09/10/19 12:56 2

117 Need to read this book. The demonic troll @gruabernard who has been asking me to bow to a #pedophile has been urging I improve my tone. Aye. 09/10/19 20:17 1

118 According to our friend @gruabernard, who has made my life a living hell, Yes. In fact he goes beyond and actively defends a serial sex offender and conman and #pedophile, while threatening me to silence and exile from my own country. Yay. 10/10/19 12:33 1

119 Seems like it.
I am dealing with #proPedophile troll @gruabernard who has been doxxing, threatening and abusing me since I ousted a serial offender. It is sad how social media's systems have passively been supportive of his campaign as they are unable to grasp him.
11/10/19 9:16 1

120 @gruabernard flashes trophy photo of #Wakhi girls in the cover of his Twitter. AT THE SAME TIME he trolls me for exposing a tribal family's men who have assaulted the same girls. He sneers that I leaked an "uncle-niece" family convo, not outed a pedo hitting on a young girl. Wow. 11/10/19 14:40 1

121 @GruaBernard #BernardGrua, when you protect a delinquent man who has groomed and assaulted young girls of his tribe, #howdareyou use the photo of the same tribe's girls to promote yourself as their champion? Criminal. @gruabernard 11/10/19 14:42 2

122 Just a reminder. French national @bernardgrua @gruabernard promises to obliterate me because I have exposed a pedophile whom Mr Grua *likes*. Grua also "informed" me that he has authority over Pakistani police who will act against me on his behest. 😂
30/10/19 5:50 2

123 In order to earn foreign exchange, we are allowing sebversive agents and criminals like @gruabernard into Pakistan. #Facts 30/10/19 5:53 1

124 Reminder: @gruabernard/ @bernardgrua is a French businessman with a secret life as a troll, and a cover as a photographer. Overseas, in Pakistan, he has become complicit in obstructing and harming a Pakistani woman from reaching justice against a local criminal. @EuropeanWomen 07/11/19 15:11 3

125 The genius of @GruaBernard/ @BernardGrua, a #French businessman who is working to protect a locally-notorious Pakistani #pedophile: Grua implicitly claims that if a man is an ethnic/religious minority, he cannot commit moral/legal crimes. Hmm. HOW SO, BG?? 07/11/19 15:16 2

126 #Nantes resident @BernardGrua @GruaBernard threatens a Pakistani woman who leaked a proof of a long-standing criminal's predatory activities towards an underage girl. #MeToo Grua calls the predatory interaction "a family kiss". Gee, thanks Uncle Grua. What a Perv! 07/11/19 15:24 2

127 Mr @bernardgrua @GruaBernard it is not your job to interfere in affairs abroad. Being a white misogynist European male does not give you supremacy over brown skin. You cannot call an unrelated stranger woman a "prostitute", even if she is, for resisting ur threats.
07/11/19 15:26 3

128 Now we need a mask or more (Since he holds multiple fake profiles for his active #trolling activities) for the sad Mr @bernardgrua @gruabernard, resident of #Nantes #France, who has been trying very hard to protect a Pakistan conman&rapist bc he has a cute ethnicity Grua fancies! 07/11/19 16:44 2

129 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard is a French criminal who carries out suspect activities other other nationalities; his special target being #Russian interests and #MeToo victims. Bernard is supporting a Pakistani #pedophile in his campaign to obliterate hos whistleblower. 08/11/19 3:39 2

130 @NantesMetropole Please note. @BernardGrua @GruaBernard is a dangerous man lurking in #Nantes, supporting an overseas http://criminal in #Pakistan, threatening his female victims. Here BG is justifying threats that man sent to a woman. BG *also* threatens the said woman, me. 08/11/19 3:50 3

131 @mfa_russia @RT_com I hope #Russia puts the deeply disturbing, man-of-strange-ambitions, a businessman on paper, a photographer for cover and a #troll in secret @BernardGrua @GruaBernard who is an #incel targeting women and #AntiRussian propagandist. 08/11/19 3:54 4

132 Does the incel+troll @BernardGrua @bernardgrua who has become intentionally involved in threatening a *victim* of crimes overseas because he *likes* the *ethnicity* of the criminal (how cute!) even have a family to get ashamed of him? #Nantes, help me out. 08/11/19 4:05 2

133 Can we know the reason why Mr @BernardGrua @gruabernard has been sending me threats? What is his interest in favoring a male criminal eho has a cute ethnicity Mr. Grua likes? Grua went to #Harvard, worked for the #FrenchNavy and runs a business. Still such low IQ? #Shame 08/11/19 5:48 2

134 A famous tour guide endorsed by the likes of bloggers #Alex n #EvaZuBeck (who r unfamiliar w his criminal history, no doubt) is actually a conman, border-jumper, rapist and pedophile and peddler. Here are some of his threats. His supporter @BernardGrua threatens me to erase this. 08/11/19 5:54 1

135 @BernardGrua Just to be clear, it is NOT the bloggers'/traveler' responsibility or fault that one of the most infamous rapists of the #Wakamhan region (PK side) openly conducts business with no accountability. His printed reputation is good n solid, local is sordid since he raped a schoolgirl 08/11/19 5:56 1

136 @BernardGrua Any media local or foreign which wishes to investigate is welcome to visit the region and speak to locals. Beware of the culture ofnshame and hiding truth; plus he has friends and allies who inform him and lay traps for him. Plus, of course his minority status is a card he uses. 08/11/19 5:58 1

137 @BernardGrua But he doesn't have support from his own community. He is banished from certain neighborhoods, disallowed from attending local weddings, and local youth keep an eye on him when he comes close to gatherings. Because infakous child rape in 1990s and several hidden incidents after. 08/11/19 5:59 1

138 @bernardgrua @gruabernard
My sincere advice is that you stop trolling #Asian and #Muslim cultures, seek psychotherapy, stay home in #Nantes and start a family with a woman (or man?) of your choice. You will feel grounded, sane, and ashamed of your secret incel-troll activities.
08/11/19 6:24 2

139 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard At your age, you need to stop playing the angry #boomer trying to seek consolation through attacking women and children, and seeking power by aligning w pedophiles. Look at you, you have 2000x times more privilege and better education than me. Why waste it? Have you no shame? 08/11/19 6:26 2

140 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard If your Harvard and other education and military/navy career and the fact that you are born in a place of privilege did not teach you the realities of life, what has? My passport doesn't even take me places easily, yet I know betrer than you not to attack women. Pathetic, indeed. 08/11/19 6:27 2

141 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard When I have time, I will be writing to your places of education to ask if you indeed studied casewriting etc. Did you? Then why did you not learn to NOT cover for a #pedophile? You think you can beat a wounded victim? Nope. You can use ethnic girls against their molester? Nope. 08/11/19 6:29 2

142 Mr @BernardGrua @gruabernard however states categorically that his ethnic male friend is "an innocent, wise man"; and uses photos of girls of that ethnicity... whereas ethnic male man assaulted several girls and women of own tribe plus foreigners. 08/11/19 6:34 2

143 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard Backing up a criminal AND relentlessly assaulting his victims will send you to jail, Mr @BernardGrua. My angry retorts are no match for your REAL PROVEN criminal activity. Too bad you sent written threats to a woman. @Interpol @EuropeanWomen 08/11/19 6:36 5

144 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard Backing up a pedophile and assaulting and doxxing his victims and whistleblowers is a crime. Additionally you taunted me that I have never met an attorney. I don't think you will be happy to find yourself involved in criminal investigation overseas. 08/11/19 6:37 2

145 So @BernardGrua. I have been helping local families financially. A number of them will suffer this winter. What are you doing about it (other than writing, which doesn't warm and feed them?)? If you are willing to contribute we can guide you to a suitable fund managed by locals. 08/11/19 9:14 1

146 @BernardGrua Or are you just going to serve humanity by empowering and protecting a local #predator and grooming expert, a man who has trapped countless tourists... because you like the way he looks and talks and you are smitten with him? 😦 08/11/19 9:16 1

147 #Facebook's @sherylsandberg wants us to "#leanin". But when a Pakistani woman resists #French troll @BernardGrua (w actual troll pages n websites) while he #doxxes her and threatens her away from seeking justice, FB systems let him slip but see her retort as "bullying". Bravo. 08/11/19 15:05 2

148 @sherylsandberg @BernardGrua It's not #TimesUp yet in FBistan, apparently. #MeToo
@sherylsandberg @WuDunn
08/11/19 15:06 4

149 Mr @BernardGrua, a man who found me through an exposé of sorts I wrote on an extraordinary, elusive criminal, promised to tarnish and hurt me. Because. "You are an ethnic majority and he is minority, thus innocent. So we will punish you", promises Grua.
08/11/19 15:11 1

150 The dangerous and abusive troll @BernardGrua asks me to lie to French Embassy as part of a "truce" that ended with a threat of #doxxing. Hmm. Why Grua? Why urge a Pakistani woman you have been threatening with "consequences" to LIE to France? #problematic 08/11/19 15:21 1

151 @BernardGrua is a French male middle-aged citizen who promised me, a Pakistani women, an eternity of retribution because I published a warning about rape culture and a certain rapist in *PK*. "Delete or be doxxed", Grua promised. 6 months later, he is at it. He is a stranger btw. 08/11/19 17:34 1

152 @BernardGrua I know we do not yet have power over chronic toxic gratuitous rapists AND over their deranged allies. Social media clamps on you; society silences you. But hey, you gotta start somewhere! 08/11/19 17:35 1

153 The dangerous and abusive troll @BernardGrua asks me to lie to French Embassy as part of a "truce" that ended with a threat of #doxxing. Hmm. Why Grua? Why urge a Pakistani woman you have been threatening with "consequences" to LIE to France? #problematic 08/11/19 19:44 1

154 Sad, but true.
Can you imagine? A privileged, world-traveling, Harvard-(etc)educated white European middle-aged man w a serious façade, threatening and abusing a Pakistani woman for encountering an incredibly dangerous male criminal? "It's your fault!", says @BernardGrua, to her.
08/11/19 19:48 1

155 @Nanteshype @NantesOnline @NantesMetropole Hi #Nantes! A resident of your beautiful city, Mr. @BernardGrua, has been harassing and doxxing an unrelated PAKISTANI woman because she is on the case of a PAKISTANI #pedophile. Can you Nantes citizens knock some sense into him? Merci. 08/11/19 19:50 4

156 The owner of this #France-based business #BestInventory, @BernardGrua is also a closet #troll & an abuser of unrelated stranger women overseas. I do not know him at all except thru his sudden online assault & him CONTACTING LOCAL PAKISTANI MEN, TO ORGANIZE SOME KIND OF HARM (1/2) 08/11/19 20:02 1

157 @BernardGrua Last tweet shows screenshot of another disgruntled person rating @BernardGrua's business #BestInventory badly, apparently he too was Grua's #trolling victim.
Here are Mr Grua's lovely words to me: "I will break you, little prostitute". Why? I dunno. I don't even know him😟
08/11/19 20:27 2

158 Yes. And let the likes of troll @BernardGrua who pretends to be a Pakistan-lover and the "defender of the #Wakhi" know thst his lovely friend #Dario is compromising community and national security by engaging in #pedophilia; *I* am nitbthe monster for rightly exposing him. 09/11/19 4:04 1

159 French businessman @BernardGrua, resident of @NantesMetropole, has been involved in a deeply-dangerous #CampaignOfTerror against a Pakistani woman, who is working to bring a highly dangerous conman @chapursani's
decades-old crime history to light.
09/11/19 5:40 3

160 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @chapursani Am losing track of @BernardGrua's obscene threats and posturing, but here is another "gem" from the "truce" he offered. Grua said that will doxx, hound & tarnish me if I do not take back my exposé on conman/rapist @chapursani, and also stop mentioning Grua's own threats.
09/11/19 5:44 5

161 But they did say some truly crazy characters often visit our part of the world. I'm thinking, of course, of the insane madman @BernardGrua, a French businessman who has sent me blood-curdling threats bc I exposed a criminal he is friends w. Is this real life, or nightmare? (2/2) 10/11/19 19:20 1

162 People often don't take women and their warnings seriously. Nevertheless I want to be on record to say that @Interpol and the French police should monitor @BernardGrua and find out what's the deal with this strange, odd man? Why is he affixed on Muslim countries? Trolling women? 10/11/19 19:23 2

163 @BernardGrua, you are a criminal. And you need to leave Pakistani women and communities alone. 10/11/19 19:25 1

164 A French male citizen @BernardGrua (gender is important, bc of the violence of the dynamics of the situation) informed me that he will use his contacts with #Hunza police to undertake action against me; bc I wrote on a domestic issue. Does our constitution allow him? Check pls. 11/11/19 12:23 1

165 If a Pakistani male threatened and abused an unrelated French woman the way French businessman @BernardGrua has been threatening me, a Pakistani woman, the PK male would be under arrest. #FrenchTaliban
11/11/19 12:25 1

166 French citizen @BernardGrua has repeatedly threatened me that he will 1) exile me from North Pakistan 2) work w local males to punish me 3) use a local criminal's help to "get me out of the way" after I resisted her interference ina domestic matter. (1/2) 11/11/19 12:27 1

167 @BernardGrua This is a sobering moment for Pakistani citizens, esp women. This means thst foreigner males are backing up our delinquent males, and will abuse us from overseas to protect their maleficent buddies. Wow. (2/2) 11/11/19 12:28 1

168 @BernardGrua, can you explain your constitutional rihht over a citizen of Pakistan? And are you sure when you say you will use your contacts w mountain police to remove a Pakistani woman from a Pakistani valley? (1/2) 11/11/19 12:29 1

169 @BernardGrua You know that you are out of your fuckin' mind to make that sort of threat and illegal claim, right? According to French legal understanding, vulnerable women deserve privacy. But you are bent upon harming me @BernardGrua. Inexcusable. (2/2) @EuropeanWomen 11/11/19 12:31 3

170 This is Mr @BernardGrua, a French citizen who has sent me threats for warning *Pakistani* blogosphere about a potentially dangerous local tourist risk. Intervening all the way from #Nantes, Bernard promised heinous consequences. Question: Is he our viceroy? What's his authority? 12/11/19 0:57 1

171 However, French businessman @BernardGrua, who also engages (professionally and not-so-secretly) in #trolling (and I mean as a dedicated job, not as casual social media comment) defends him, calling the grooming "a family kiss". Wow. (2/2) 12/11/19 1:03 1

172 @BernardGrua has sent me threats for publishing the conversation between predator make groomer and prey. That is because according to Grua, Grua is safeguarding his interests and has "connection with police in GB" using which Grua can have Pakistanis expelled from GB.

12/11/19 1:04 1

173 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @chapursani LOL. 12/11/19 1:05 3

174 @BernardGrua Meanwhile you threaten a Muslim woman for contesting a dangerous criminal. Exactly why? No one knows.

No one can account for the quirks of an instable male.

Here is a sample of @BernardGrua's "greetings":
12/11/19 1:08 2

175 @BernardGrua @BernardGrua, if you are such a gentleman, why would you tell a Muslim woman in Pakistan, who doesn't even know you, "I will.break you little prostitute"? What does that tell us about your frame of mind and intentions? 12/11/19 1:09 2

176 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @chapursani @Chapursani, aka #AlamJanDario's predatory grooming is exemplified here:

Just why do you exert yourself to defend him is beyond me. Bit by the #Epstein bug? May be! Cheers.
12/11/19 1:11 4

177 @BernardGrua Actually Mr @BernardGrua you are producing copious evidence against yourself, because our fundamental issue is that you interfered in an unrelated dispute *overseas* and threatened a woman w nonrelation to or knowledge of you. @EuropeanWomen . How instable and dangerous are you? 12/11/19 1:13 3

178 @BernardGrua Actually, YOU are "right-wing" by definition. You favor a male pedophile overseas, believing @NantesOnline @NantesMetropole will never get to hear how one of their own is engaged in wholly illicit activities overseas. Good luck to you, bc you are on record siding w a criminal! 12/11/19 1:16 3

179 @BernardGrua Putting my face in ridiculous photoshops actually only reveals your expertise in dirty gaming. What a shame. A privileged white #boomer is assaulting a Muslim woman overseas only for ego play purposes, nothing more. 12/11/19 1:18 1

180 @BernardGrua... Sir, why did you hide the url to your website from your #troll page on FB? Also, can you please take a clear position such as "I will defend a criminal male overseas provided he has a lovely ethnicity I like to photograph, and will assault less photogenic folks"? 12/11/19 1:23 1

181 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @chapursani Mr. @BernardGrua's little hobbies:
(He is businessman on surface, photographer when moonlighting, and right-wing fascist troll who attacks *strangers* in afterhours. See his own website for proof.)
12/11/19 1:25 4

182 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @chapursani Ah, I see. You are keeping your promise. "I will break you little prostitute" 12/11/19 1:27 3

183 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard @chapursani @TIMESUPNOW @womensmarch Hold on.
Didn't you send a threat to this lady and ask her to *lie* to the French Embassy in PK after she complained to them about you? You threatened her that if she doesn't pretend that she mistook your identity u will defame her with all possible means? @EuropeanWomen #MeToo
12/11/19 1:31 6

184 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard @chapursani @TIMESUPNOW @womensmarch And you also fail to remind everyone that you are actually covering for a male #pedophile and conman overseas. Jeez. Don't you have a family, at least some parents and siblings, who can invoke some responsibility in you, even though you are a closet #fascist? 12/11/19 1:33 5

185 @BernardGrua @chapursani @GruaBernard Nobody gave a fuck to your "report", which was actually part of a blackmail attempt in order to have your name removed from my social media after I publicized your threats AND spoke to French Embassy asking if they can send you an advisory to NOT help a pedophile. 12/11/19 1:35 3

186 @BernardGrua @chapursani @GruaBernard You thought a brown woman will be sheep and not fight back. Well I have to admit I have been fearful for my life after your assault, blackmail & attacks, but I am #stillStanding. What's more, though I started thinking you are a naive blogger, I'm now convinced u r dangerous. 12/11/19 1:38 3

187 @BernardGrua @chapursani @GruaBernard The fact that you are involved in plenty of mindless and obscene activities often under fake identities such as the #DuPont character you were pretending to be, and your sheer terror of me naming you to French authorities points at some dark secret I am (obviously) not privy to. 12/11/19 1:40 3

188 So let the residents of @NantesMetropole @NantesOnline figure out about the secret lives and identities of right-wind fascist troll Mr. @BernardGrua, who indulges in crimes overseas for pleasure and ego. @GruaBernard 12/11/19 1:42 4

189 @BernardGrua @chapursani @GruaBernard Oh, and lest you do not realize... the entirety of ur threats, and ur blackmailing message in which you promised to smear me if I do not lie to French authorities, is safe w me and ready for publication. AFTER I am done with online shopping, you low-priority vermin. @BernardGrua 12/11/19 1:45 4

190 Anyway, too early in the morning to engae with creepy cretins such as @BernardGrua, a French right-wing nutjob whose background is vague and intent, ballistic. God bless folks with such mental health issues who are targeting vulnerable folks overseas. 12/11/19 1:55 1

191 @BernardGrua When a Harvard-educated (I know you only did a course or so, but still!) European male with spanless privilege but zero class competes with a woman overseas by stealing from her books! LOL. (We know you are ashamed but not able to admit.) 12/11/19 1:58 1

192 @BernardGrua @Interpol @PoliceNationale @PoliceNat44 @EuropeanWomen @sherylsandberg @RT_com @WuDunn @mfa_russia Nope. @BernardGrua's antics are part of his promise to smear me if I do not hide the fact that he sent me, an unrelated brown Muslim woman who doesn't know him, threats in defense of a male criminal he likes bc of that man's ethnicity. Yup, bizarre but true! 😐 12/11/19 2:01 10

193 And now @BernardGrua the copycat is talking #ClimateChange. Because he literally lives on stealing ideas and thrives off off Muslims (and performing other ridiculous antics fit for an overgrown entitled privileged male baby). 😅😂😂 Oh Lord. Help us against such angry babies! 12/11/19 2:04 1

194 @BernardGrua @BernardGrua I have supported several local* families financially. Since u declare urself their hero (bc u take photos of their girls 4 misuse later while supporting a man they hate for assaulting their young girls), wanna contribute? 😉 #LetsSee
* ethnicity name hidden 4 honor
12/11/19 2:26 2

195 @BernardGrua But wait. Your white-privileged-European-old boy-benefiting-from-taking-photogenic-photos-of-lovely looking-ethnicities interests stop at superficialities such as writing articles on "how to get around" and taking photos of music festivals BANNED BY ANGRY LOCALS for #drugCulture. 12/11/19 2:26 1

196 I promised myself some minutes ago to not pay more attention to the aging boomer (sorry boomers got nothing against you today, just trying to get under a madman's skin!) @GruaBernard. But here I go again. I forget #FailedBitterMenSeekAttentionByAttackingPracticallyAnyMovingTarget 12/11/19 2:27 1

197 @BernardGrua @Interpol @PoliceNationale @PoliceNat44 @NantesMetropole @Nanteshype @NantesOnline @Johanna_Rolland Sorry @BernardGrua, but it seems you are forgetting that you offered me a "truce" that said I should "not mention you to anyone" after I responded to your attacks. You threatened you will publish a long article against me if I do not becone silent. 12/11/19 3:59 9

198 @BernardGrua @Interpol @PoliceNationale @PoliceNat44 @NantesMetropole @Nanteshype @NantesOnline @Johanna_Rolland That one time when #Nantes resident and closet troll @BernardGrua pretended @Johanna_Rolland the FEMALE mayor of Nantes is a "man", that too of some "kind" (veiled threat), hoping I will become frightened like a little girl and not reveal Bernard's foul activities. 12/11/19 4:11 10

199 @BernardGrua @Interpol @PoliceNationale @PoliceNat44 @NantesMetropole @Nanteshype @NantesOnline @Johanna_Rolland @BernardGrua, a middle-aged male resident of @NantesMetropole, tries to frighten a Pakistani woman (me) on her business page by trying to suggest that the FEMALE mayor of Nantes whose notice I intended to bring Bernard's cybercrimes to, is a male (of some 'kind'). Wow #CryingWolf 12/11/19 4:15 10

200 @BernardGrua @Interpol @PoliceNationale @PoliceNat44 @NantesMetropole @Nanteshype @NantesOnline @Johanna_Rolland Shame on you uncle @BernardGrua. How do you get around your neighborhood, without the need to hide your face? Has @NantesMetropole #Nantes ever been aware of the dangerous man living amongst them, one who assaults women overseas? Any action against you, ever? How not so? 12/11/19 4:16 10

201 If the trashy articles and tweets by madman @BernardGrua @GruaBernard (a French businessman who moonlights as photographer with fetish for ethnic folks; and who is a closet professional #troll) were persons:

12/11/19 5:04 2

202 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard I have to admit, the assaults by @BernardGrua @GruaBernard have been terrifying. One normally expects respectable-looking middle-aged White privileged world-travelers to have nuance and knowhow of sensitivities.

Not this guy though. He is shockingly malevolent and obscene. (2/2)
12/11/19 5:06 4

203 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard Lord protect my small, all-women family from this privileged madman. Aameen. 12/11/19 5:07 2

204 Time for retiree @BernardGrua (who creates fake social media profiles to lead anti-Russia campaigns in France, I found by googling him-- no relations2him!) to flip out, make more fake profiles😂 Hey Grua how about u drop threatening #MeToo victims & go back to big fish?
12/11/19 7:09 1

205 #French citizen @BernardGrua @GruaBernard is backing up a Pakistani conman + pedophile (teenophile to be exact) belonging to an ethnic-religious minority BUT who has led a reign of terror in his ultra-remote region since decades thru rape, fraud , manipulation +power-networking. 12/11/19 8:05 2

206 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard See a photo of ethnic Pakistani girls in @BernardGrua's cover photo? Ask him why is he interested, why using them? ANSWER: Because he attacked me for revealing that the girls are at risk from a powerful rapist. Story almost leaked several times in various forms; always suppressed 12/11/19 8:28 3

207 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard LOL. And now the fanatical troll @BernardGrua, who claims to be against right-wing/ fascists and nazis BUT is a closet right-wing fascist "nazi"(-like?) himself, decorates his profiles with the pic of a mosque. AFTER attacking a #MeToo victim bc she is #Sunni.

Cowards be like...
13/11/19 0:21 3

208 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard What's so deeply sad is that @BernardGrua @GruaBernard gives exactly zero fucks to the reality, nuance and complexity behind the world he photographs like a kid w camera. MR. GRUA, PRETTY PICTURES MAKE REALITY NOT. Do you even understand that? Answer: Nope. 13/11/19 0:24 4

209 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard I'll tell you why I can't easily let go of the cruel madman @BernardGrua @GruaBernard. This: He is a privileged White European male with possibly zero life issues. Strong passport, money in bank, ease of travel. Life can't be better.

So now he thinks like a kid. A dangerous kid.
13/11/19 0:26 4

210 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard An empty brain and an overfull stomach is the devil's factory as they say. So when a privileged White European middle-aged man heads out in the world with a toy camera for pretty photos, he sees the world in terms of how pretty the photos come out. 13/11/19 0:28 2


13/11/19 0:30 2

212 @BernardGrua @GruaBernard So @BernardGrua @gruabernard literally despises me because I am brown-skinned. And when he found my blog that challenged the narratives and reputation of his European-lookalike CouchSurfing host (now kicked from CS), Bernard vowed to punish and "tarnish me forever". 13/11/19 0:43 4

213 @BernardGrua A Google search (and @BernardGrua's own troll page on Facebook, which is currently dedicated to harassing and abusing a Pakistani Muslim woman) reveals Bernard as a subpar anti-Russian troll. Bernard speaks Russian and frequently visits the region for "photography". Hmm... (1/4) 13/11/19 0:48 2

214 @BernardGrua Many ordinary citizens around the world rant political online. But when an ex-Navy man:
*leads protests
*builds a trolling operation and fakes profiles for the same
*travels the world under pretext of photography
*attacks Muslims, women, #MeToo victims.
He has red flags. (2/4)
13/11/19 0:52 1

215 @BernardGrua I do not know who this creep @BernardGrua @GruaBernard is. All his pages and websites show nothing but a chaotic character with no history, nuance. No hint of a family, background, hobbies, character. Just a madman on the fringe, attacking Asians etc. (3/4) 13/11/19 0:55 3

216 @BernardGrua This incel @BernardGrua with a proclivity towards REAL, PROVOCATIVE and PROACTIVE violence towards women, Muslims, people-of-color, Russians (none of my business but Google showed his dark side) needs to be supervised.
-- a concerned citizen (4/4)
13/11/19 0:57 2

217 @BernardGrua, the fascist French troll who has made my life hell and attempted to have me attavked in a remote regionnin Pakistan, needs to read this and understand how shit works in Pakistan. (But why would a closet nazi madman do that?) 13/11/19 6:11 1

218 Mr. @BernardGrua, I have taken note of your tweets from both your regular and your troll account. I think it is fair to say that since authorities in #Europe seem to have taken notice, they will work to restore justice and protect me and my family from you. #CallTheCops 14/11/19 0:45 1

219 @BernardGrua aka @StopTrolls3: There is enough evidence of your actions out there for any intelligent and compassionate person to form an informed opinion. You misrepresented your mayor @Johanna_Rolland by claiming she is a man. Red flags, sir! 14/11/19 6:54 3

220 @BernardGrua @StopTrolls3 @Johanna_Rolland When you tried to bully me on Facebook by suggesting
@Johanna_Rolland is a man (the implication being that as a brown woman I should be fearful of the MALE mayor of #Nantes who can hurt me), that was problematic but a consistent pattern. 😯
14/11/19 6:55 4

221 @BernardGrua @StopTrolls3 @Johanna_Rolland I understand the deeply sadistic strategy: Using one's power-privilege position and "foreigner" status to do the equivalent of the American "Becky", calling the cops on the POC. ~Hoping that Pakistan will silence its CITIZEN for a EUROPEAN MALE #TOURIST. Amazing. Is THAT leftist? 14/11/19 7:12 3

222 @BernardGrua what have you done to reduce violence against women and children? Would you like to make a financial contribution towards a project or more to alleviate the condition of the vulnerable? To be specific, I want you to fund reusable sanitary napkins. Yes or no? 14/11/19 8:02 1

223 A French resident of @NantesMetropole who has issued me gruesome threats after he abused me on a blog where I exposed a #pedophile and I resisted it angrily, claims that I am a radical terrorist... in the hopes that I will be hurt or killed. @Johanna_Rolland (1/2) 15/11/19 0:21 2

224 Mr. "BG", a resident of @NantesMetropole has tried to frighten me in several ways. For instance, he tried to imply that the mayor of #Nantes is a (scary) man (who can hurt me). He implied it with his tone and words. 15/11/19 0:29 1

225 My new self-appointed friend #BernardGrua has taught me that as long as a man belongs to a minority race and sect, and "looks European", he is innocent and it is impossible they do a crime. Also that I am evil because "Sindhi girl" (which, btw, I'm not). Screengrab from his blog: 15/11/19 2:45 0

226 @BernardGrua keeps an actual blog on blogspot to troll me (yes Twitter! Why censor this?). Here he confesses I work w herbs, then GIVES AWAY MY LOCATION regardless of French legal understanding that women-at-risk deserve privacy + calls me terrorist = hoping harm. @EuropeanWomen 15/11/19 2:50 2

227 @BernardGrua, if I call out #rapeCulture in my own country, it's not "terrorism". Also why do you "forbid" me to discuss & live in a region of Pakistan whereas I'm Pakistani & you are French? Can I likewise send threats to French women and stay unarrested? (Ans: no.) @PoliceNat44 15/11/19 2:56 2

228 Dear @BernardGrua: A man's rare and exotic ethnicity and the peaceful charming photogenics of his village are no guarantee he cannot commit crimes. And they are at no cost an excuse. So why do you want to excuse him WITHOUT investigation, and attack me? 15/11/19 3:02 1

229 @BernardGrua If one attacked me only because I am brown and #Sunni, then this is deeply tragic n troubling. Given the history of terrifying resourceful racists who're committing hate crimes, I hope this whole thing is investigated and "one" is given the needed advice by competent authorities. 15/11/19 3:05 1

230 @BernardGrua And no Mr Grua. A privileged white male who roams the world at will has no moral authority to try to harm a woman he hates becayse of her sect, race and the color of her skin... plus her profession... herbalism and crystal healing. FFS! Stop dogwhistling. 15/11/19 3:07 1

231 We use language and tones particular to our culture. Within our country, we know what it means and we know how far it goes. THIS IS OUR INTERNAL MATTER, AND CERTAINLY NOT FOR WHITE MEN TO GOVERN.

Enter #BernardGrua, a French anomaly.
15/11/19 4:34 0

232 From the comfort of his home/office, @BernardGrua, who at best appears to be an average photographer (doing what practically anyone with a phone does on a tour) has decided that I a Pakistani am not allowed to speak in and about Pakistan. 15/11/19 4:36 1

233 @BernardGrua Among other things, @BernardGrua has told me that he has "contacts with #Hunza police, whom he met daily when on trips. And on his nect visit he will visit his buddies the police and talk about me". My fault? I challenged Grua's "shut up you little girl, or else!" 15/11/19 4:38 2

234 @BernardGrua Thing is, Mr. @BernardGrua, I presume it is ILLEGAL to send threats to a woman who doesn't know you. Correct me if I am wrong, and if so, can you imagine a hypothetical Pakistani male threatening a French woman the way you abuse me? If that is wrong, so it this.
15/11/19 4:45 3

235 @BernardGrua Furthermore @BernardGrua, the French legislature graciously and wisely acknowledges that women who have faced violence are threatened and their whereabouts need be masked. You however keep pointing to MY EXACT LOCATION. Why? @EuropeanWomen @PoliceNat44 15/11/19 4:50 4

236 @BernardGrua You reported me to @Twitter for abuse. Unfortunately they are unable to piece together everything, such as this abuse on Facebook on my business page. @BernardGrua aka @StopTrolls3

Deeply disturbing, terrifying, and desolatory. We have sought shelter btw for fear of life.
15/11/19 4:53 4

237 @BernardGrua Let's not forget, @BernardGrua, that your abuse started bc you were directed to my blog by people who know that the man I was warning my readers about is indeed a #pedophile. But you defend his #grooming as "family kiss" AFTER I sent you details u COULD verify but chose not to. 15/11/19 4:57 2

238 @BernardGrua Coecing me to lie to @FranceInPak was not cool. As a French citizen, Mr. @BernardGrua, I hope you realize it is at least immoral if not illegal (I'm not aware of pertinent law but this is deeply disturbing).
I hope that someone or another looks into this and protects us from you.
15/11/19 5:07 3

239 A French citizen -- male, middle-aged, insensitive to Pakistani culture and dynamics -- has been going around screaming that I am a Sunni terrorist, bc I exposed a #pedophile this dude likes. #brosBeforeDoe_s

He's lying.
15/11/19 5:11 0

240 Hello Pakistan! Help me figure out legal and other routes and options: A French male, no connection to me, has been terrorizing me since he saw me issue a warning about a Pakistani tour guide involved in serious crimes including peddling guests (دلالی کرنا).
15/11/19 14:38 0

241 French man says I am "pornographic" "nymphomaniac" "prostitute" bc I shared some details of childhood sexual abuse on my blog. "You are always talking about sex, sex, sex". French guy also says he'll get me booted from where I live in Pakistan. Legit? Did we get colonized?? (2/2) 15/11/19 14:41 0

242 Additionally French man says: The pedophile is innocent because of a minority sect (not Shia) and a European-looking ethnicity. 👏👏 Also I am a terrorist bc Sunni. Also, that my real business, herbalism should be closed. And the alleged pedo is "just an uncle kissing a niece". 15/11/19 14:42 0

243 Please offer some assistance to @BernardGrua who also runs @StopTrolls3. A French traveler, he has sometimes visited Pakistan, and now he is hoping to get me classified as a terrorist (and die or something😂) because I wrote a blog asking people to be careful of a pedophile! SMH. 15/11/19 23:14 2

244 @BernardGrua aka @StopTrolls3 --- please note for future reference. 16/11/19 0:28 2

245 Sexual assaul& crimes are a serious issue in Pakistan; which is why we Pakistanis mince no words re: heinous crimes. So did I. But that has upset classist @BernardGrua aka @StopTrolls3, a foreigner trying to classify me as a radical/terrorist for my anger at #rapeculture. 😑😕😐 16/11/19 0:35 2

246 @BernardGrua @StopTrolls3 Mr. @BernardGrua, you sit in the safety of a lovely European city @NantesMetropole & try to project a Pakistani herbalist single mom (mostly bedridden), me, as a radical terrorist bc she is angry at #rapeculture in a PAKISTANI region.
Why? What's your interest?

16/11/19 0:41 5

247 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua Says the sophisticated #Harvard-educated French businessman @BernardGrua, who has been abusing a Muslim woman because she is #Sunni and refused to bow down to his intimidations on behalf of a pedophile. 👏👏😅 16/11/19 1:06 3

248 @StopTrolls3 Let's not forget. This was to be expected since I declined your "deal" aka truce, where you asked me to lie to @FranceinPak. Wonder what are you afraid of.

16/11/19 1:10 4

249 @StopTrolls3 "Don't mention my name, or else I will smear you online". Hmm. Mr @BernardGrua I think u may have committed more than a few serious crimes. I don't think you'll stand tall in the eyes of French law. Where's ur moral compass? (Readers, this man has been abusing me across the Net.) 16/11/19 1:21 2

250 @StopTrolls3 #bernardGrua you have only been safe thus far because I live too far from a lawyer capable of handling cybercrimes from a troll abroad. Dealing with folks like you takes skill, but rest assured that particular set of skills is not too hard to arrange eventually. 17/11/19 5:16 1

251 Salaam Twitter.
You may have been hearing from @BernardGrua, a resident of @NantesMetropole who also runs the troll account ironically but revealingly named @StopTrolls3, that I am an anti-#Hunza, anti-#Wakhi radical terrorist. (1/2)
17/11/19 5:43 3

252 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @StopTrolls3 Unfortunately, Mr. Bernard's claims are the lies of a man who apparently studied case study writing at #Harvard, but fails to do in-depth research. As you can see, I am no terrorist. When I invited Mr. Grua to research, he replied "We do not listen to prostitutes like you." (2/2) 17/11/19 5:46 3

253 If you want to see how a privileged white male tries to put a spin on a woman-at-risk in a developing country, and attacks her for her race and sect and tries to harm her, follow @StopTrolls3 aka @BernardGrua; French businessman who claims he has "contacts with Pakistani police" 17/11/19 6:26 2

254 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua As if being abused by our men wasn't enough, we must now be prepared for terror &harassment from White European** tourists who will attack us for addressing #rapeCulture in tourism sector. @BernardGrua calls this "an attack on foreigners".
**mentioning this to highlight disparity
17/11/19 6:29 3

255 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua If @BernardGrua is allowed to proceed, if he wins, this sets an incredibly dangerous precedent whereby privileged male travelers use crabby third-world politics to harm local women of regions thry visit. They can harm and abuse our activists, whistleblowers, victims. 17/11/19 6:31 3

256 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua And this is truly a shame, because for so long (rightly or wrongly), the oppressed or disadvantaged of poorly-developed countries or societies looked up to so-called cultured/developed nations for moral support. Just for the record bc I #decolonize, I don't like foreign support. 17/11/19 6:33 2

257 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua I believe we need indigenous, local solutions. Even though this means we forgo the comfort of White support. This is why I refrain from reaching out to my plenty of foreign friends, and choose to live in Pakistan. #thread 17/11/19 6:37 2

258 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua (If I go abroad I want it to be a developing nation but I fear it now given my terrifying experiences and my emotional inability to deal with the hungry and violent poor, who additionally hate my race and sect. 😯😑😣) 17/11/19 6:38 2

259 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua I don't believe White Man is inherently more moral & Mr. @BernardGrua confirms the theory (to my great sadness bc for a moment there, I really believed he was a hero who'd shift if he hears the reality of the pedo he is supporting, but nope. He promised instead to "punish" me.) 17/11/19 6:44 3

260 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua However at least the ruling notion is that the structures & laws of the West are "civilized"; the institutions strong and upright enough to protect the weak. But we are in diabolical times, tides are turning, and White tourists are endangering Muslim women in host countries. 17/11/19 6:49 2

261 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua The problem with Bernard Grua is that a local villager told him I a Pakistani woman is misrepresenting poor mountain communities; the shtick being that southern Pakistanis are racists and "Taliban". Using this pity strategy, some minorities are extorting from foriegners. 17/11/19 6:51 2

262 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua An intelligent foriegner should be careful while treading in the minefield of Pakistani politics. Journalists have a better shot. But a casual tourist? Nope. U should know better. If wrong, be willing to learn rather than impose ur ego AND try to physically harm a woman & child. 17/11/19 6:53 2

263 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua French law recognizes that women who have faced domestic violence or have disturbing partners need protection and masking. Mr. @BernardGrua, KNOWING that I could be in danger if my location is shouted from rooftops, advertises it. 17/11/19 6:56 3

264 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua Bottomline: Be careful, Pakistan. Be watchful, activists. Foreign travelers of dubious origins and who have signs of disturbing content on their public websites and who are TRAVELING TO OBSCURE LOCATIONS are supporting our criminals and outing the adversaries. 17/11/19 6:57 2

265 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @FranceinPak Your friend the pedophile who you have been trying to protect has been brought to the attention of relevant foreign agencies. Sit tight, this may get interesting hereforth. 18/11/19 4:15 4

266 @StopTrolls3 My profile is already and was always public. What you are trying to do is to make sure a physical attack or likewise is arranged which, Mr @BernardGrua, is criminal. You deem **calling out** #rapeculture "pornography". You need help. @PoliceNationale @EuropeanWomen 18/11/19 4:17 4

267 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @FranceinPak I am still waiting for someone to respond to your "report". 😄😂 Too bad for you, you are rooting for a man who is on the watchlist of secret agencies for crimes including possible treason and violence against women and girls. Some #French journalist needs to pick this up. 18/11/19 4:25 4

268 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @FranceinPak Meanwhile, your nasty campaign has become proof that #pedophiles in our country Pakistan have support from abroad and use power. I won't drop the story. Too bad you got the wrong girl... I was only silent earlier due to poor Internet. Told ya! 18/11/19 4:25 4

269 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @FranceinPak The guy who had made at least two nasty websites dedicated to me, and who was begging me to not name him and threatened that he will smear me with "a long article" if I continue calls me a cyber-stalker.😄 I don't know French enough, but at least I know a #fauxpas when I see one! 18/11/19 4:27 4

270 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @FranceinPak Here ya go...... offering me a "truce" laced with threats. You kniw the Pakistani police and will use your leverage on them to... what? Silence me? @BernardGrua... you're in trouble.
18/11/19 4:30 6

271 @StopTrolls3 Mr. Grua, do you take responsibility for these statements? Are you sure you want to get behind threats to #Sunni people? If so, why? And then how dare you claim *I* am radicalized? You need to be sorted out by @Interpol @PoliceNat44 lest u next do something dangerous abroad. 18/11/19 4:49 3

272 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua Sure. I will not stop tweeting until law enforcement has taken notice of you. We don't want a #BrentonTarrant or #JeffreyEpstein trawling Pakistan. Your motives are unclear, behavior highly suspect, and conduct criminal. 18/11/19 4:54 2

273 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua Funny thing I noted, Mr @BernardGrua aka StopTroll3. U were claiming that the man & girl in this chat are "uncle & niece"; the kiss he asked her for is a "family kiss". But he didn't seem to know where the kid's grandma was from. So they really so close enough for a kiss? 18/11/19 4:57 3

274 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua Don't forget that "uncle" is a generic title for an older man in PK, especially one who is part of one's extended community/ even a neighbor/ a shopkeeper of a wholly different family/ethnicity. We grew up calling any & all older men, "uncle". Plus this guy raped a kid in 1990s. 18/11/19 5:00 2

275 @BernardGrua is a French businessman and photographer of dubious origins and intent. He is an actual troll; now changed name of FB page. He discovered a gender-based violence event +domestic dispute between a Southern Pakistan woman (moi!) ... (1/2) 18/11/19 6:51 1

276 @BernardGrua ...and a Northern Area tour guide & host NOTORIOUS for his sexual exploits, child rape, conmanship. Bane of his own region. Bernard the Unrelated has jumped in, tries to depict it as sectarian/racial conflict, protecting the criminal behind minority cover. Sending me threats(2/2) 18/11/19 6:54 1

277 @BernardGrua When I was a teenager I once tried starting a campaign against #CSA child sexual abuse. My oarents intervened. Mother looked frightened and said: "These people have huge backing and support." Begged me to focus on studies and be silent. 18/11/19 6:56 1

278 @BernardGrua Mom was right.
Pedophiles and criminals enjoy exceptional support; without this, they could not operate. A whole network of beneficiaries partake in the benefit accrued from their power grabs, violence, and the concentration of wealth without work.
18/11/19 6:57 1

279 Beware of foreign agents or instable independent agent provocateurs coming to #Pakistan disguised as tourists. @BernardGrua is a French traveler who is twisting my fued with & testimony against a delinquent tour guide into a SECTARIAN & ETHNIC strife. Why, Bernard? Who sent you? 18/11/19 12:42 1

280 @BernardGrua You say to me: "We will not let you..." blah blah. Who are "we"? Who have you the authority to meddle in Pakistan's remote regions? What constitution gave you primacy over a PAKISTAN citizen in this regard? What primacy do you have over me? 18/11/19 12:44 1

281 @BernardGrua You send threats to a Pakistani citizen WOMAN telling her she can't address #rapeculture in tourism and in certain regions. You inform me you will speak to Pakistani police (to punish me). Are you sure? Can a Pakistani legally send similar threats to a French woman? @PoliceNat44 18/11/19 12:45 2

282 @BernardGrua @PoliceNat44 What is it if not mild terrorism and gender-based violence when an absolutely unrelated foreigner is sending threats to a Pakistani woman, promising her harm, publishing her exact location, and urging men in her region against her bc she called out rape and drug culture? 18/11/19 13:00 2

283 For @BernardGrua, who calls me a "nymphomaniac" for sharing childhood sexual abuse histoty online, whoch he mocks. Also, he calls it "pornography". Bernie, abuse accounts are not pornography. Are you ftom a civilized culture or are you a repressed desi boy finding abuse, sexy? 😡 19/11/19 1:12 1

284 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua But don't you have a whole website dedicated to abusing the same person? Because you are backing up a pedophile? 19/11/19 1:45 2

285 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua One wonders what your business is, protecting a pedophile in Pakistan and abusing his adversaries. Benefiting much from some secret favors? 19/11/19 1:46 2

286 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua fails to mention he is working overtime to protect "Dario", a pedophile who has assaulted several young girls in #Chapursan valley, as any good source will confirm. Bernard, don't u think u should surrender ur fascist ego & work to protect women, not enable abusers? 19/11/19 1:50 2

287 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua "Calumnious delation". May be see a lawyer Bernard so they can gift you a new phrase, because this is beginning to sound like the desperate cry of a primary school bully who has been caught stealing lunches and kicking kids on the playground. 19/11/19 1:53 2

288 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua If you have any class and civilization, now may be the time to use it. Because unfortunately you sound like some of the most debased male harassers from a third-world country, not the moral police you pretend to be. As someone who grew up in third world, I find u familiar. Shame. 19/11/19 1:55 2

289 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua Harvard has wasted a seat. 19/11/19 1:55 2

290 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua Let us see. Can you confirm or deny whether your friend "Dario" was indeed involved in a well-known rape in the 1990s? Something he passes off as "local tradition" to White folks? You went to @Harvard tonstudy case study but you can't check a single fact? 19/11/19 1:57 3

291 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua @Harvard So you can troll a Sunni Southern Pakistani because u do not like her & are hoping she is attacked or killed so u can be happy, but u are not OK that she calls out a man she has found harmful. You call records of his activities "pornography". Where did u obtain ur sickness from? 19/11/19 1:59 3

292 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua The story of a woman overseas is none of your problems. Unless you are used to attack Muslims overseas. I hope @Interpol pays attention and you don't put @NantesMetropole in headlines for attacking Muslims overseas or abusing women. You are a danger to public, Mr Bernard Grua. 19/11/19 2:01 4

293 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua That single target, @BernardGrua, a man of dubious origins from @NantesMetropole #Nantes, is involved in bizarre activities in the North of Pakistan, seeding separatism and racial superiority in the minds of locals who "look European" (and are therefore above accountability?). 19/11/19 2:04 4

294 @StopTrolls3 @BernardGrua Let's ask Mr @BernardGrua: How did you chance upon Ms. Akhtar, what was your first reaction, and why exactly? Why is Bernard, who should be busy managing #BestInventory, meddling eith a domestic dispute overseas, sending threats to a woman and child? 19/11/19 2:06 3

295 @All4Living Thanks @BernardGrua /@StopTrolls3. This should be useful to all people in #Russia, #France, and now #Pakistan who you are abusing. Who knows where and who else. We'll see to establish a contact point for the affected. 19/11/19 2:09 3

296 @BernardGrua aka @StopTrolls3, who's working to protect his friend, a pedophile (teenophile) who's attacked numerous young girls in #Chapursan, strikes again. He's angry bc I ousted his friend & wrote a travel warning for WOMEN; Grua claims it frightens *him*, a male. #Facepalm 19/11/19 5:32 2


New report sent to Twitter on November 21, 2019

Dear Madam, dear Sir,
Today I filed a complaint in the High Court against cyberstalker @barefoot_rmala (Ramla Akhtar) and against Twitter which enables her bullying.
To the Public Prosecutor, Nantes (France) High Court
« I, here-below undersigning, Bernard Grua, born August 12, 1962, inventory professionnal residing in Nantes, have the honor to file a complaint in your hands against Mrs. Ramla Akhtar, alias Rmala Aalam, for harassment (article 222-33-2-2 of Criminal Code), public defamation (law of July 29, 1881) and slanderous denunciation (article 226-10 of the Criminal Code), through 296 tweets issued against myself between September 18 and November 19, 2019. For the same reasons, I have the honor to file a complaint against the Twitter Company to whom I sent regular and detailed reports. Indeed, Twitter has recognized the fact that this user violates its principles of use and shows hateful behavior towards me, without making the decision to put an end to this malice by closing the account and removing the tweets...».
You will find the details of the complaint and its exhibits in this article :
I please, once again, ask you to stop this malice, to ban Ramla Akhtar from Twitter and to remove all the Tweets of this cyberstalker.
Many thanks in advance
Bernard Grua, Nantes, France

What is the reason for Ramla Aktar's cyberstalking?

Eventually Akhtar gave a clear summary about why she is bullying Bernard Grua. Then, what may happen will not stop her unless she is banned from Twitter.

Exhibit: Complaint filed in High Court, original French version

Bernard Grua
44100 Nantes
06 ** ** ** 60

Nantes, le 21 novembre 2019

Monsieur le Procureur de la République
Tribunal de Grande Instance
Palais de Justice
19, quai François-Mitterrand
44000 Nantes

Objet : Dépôt de plainte

Monsieur le Procureur,

Je, soussigné, Bernard Grua, né le 12 août 1962, inventoriste résidant à Nantes, ai l'honneur de porter plainte entre vos mains contre Madame Ramla Akhtar, alias Rmala Aalam, pour harcèlement (art. 222-33-2-2 du Code pénal), diffamation publique (loi du 29 juillet 1881) et délation calomnieuse (art. 226-10 du Code Pénal), à travers 296 tweets émis contre moi-même entre le 18 septembre et le 19 novembre 2019. Pour les mêmes motifs, j'ai l'honneur de porter plainte contre la société Twitter à qui ont été adressés des signalements réguliers et détaillés. En effet, Twitter a reconnu le fait que son utilisateur viole ses principes d'utilisation et fait preuve d'un comportement haineux à mon égard, sans pourtant prendre la décision de mettre fin à cette malveillance en fermant le compte et en supprimant les tweets.

Madame Ramla Akhtar réside à Hussaini (Gulmit), vallée de La Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, où elle tient une boutique de produits locaux sous le nom de « BetterBonds ». Ses principaux comptes, groupes et pages Twitter ou Facebook, identifiés à ce jour, sont: (renommé le 20/11/2019 en

Au 19 novembre 2019, sur Twitter, les principales autorités destinataires de la délation calomnieuse de Madame Aktar et leur nombre d'occurrences sont : NantesMetropole (39), Johanna_Rolland (25), PoliceNationale (12), Interpol (12), FranceInPak (11), PoliceNat44 (10). Le mercredi 20 novembre, le Commissariat de Police central de Nantes, Place Waldeck Rousseau, destinataire des Tweets de délation calomnieuse (compte «PoliceNat44») n'a pas voulu me prêter assistance et a, à quatre reprises, refusé d'enregistrer ma plainte avant que je ne sois fermement empoigné vers la sortie.

Dans ces conditions, je vous saurais gré d'enregistrer ma double plainte, contre Madame Ramla Akhtar et contre la société Twitter, afin de donner à cette affaire sa suite légale et de faire valoir mes droits.

Je vous prie d'agréer, Monsieur le Procureur, l'expression de mes salutations respectueuses.

Bernard Grua

PJ: Tweets de diffamation, harcèlement et délation calomnieuse, rapports de Twitter, passeport de Bernard Grua

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