Friday, February 14, 2020

Formal Demand Notice to a cyber Identity Thief and Stalker

Unable to stop the flood of malice produced by a female cyberstalker located in a kind of judiciary loophole, while based in Pakistan and attacking a target in France, I decided to shift to a reciprocity level. In other words I planned to apply, against this criminal, the same methods she repeatedly uses against her target. Legally it was important to warn the criminal of the consequences of her actions. It was critical to give her a period of time to come back to ethical practices, if she wished so. It was also mandatory to make sure she received all this information. That was the purpose of the Formal Demand Notice which was sent to her. She acknowledged reception, by casual writings on Twitter and by a clear refusal of getting back to conformity. She, then, gave an early green light for the sanctions.

The ChildAbuser & Cyberstalker, Ramla Akhtar decided to make public, on her Identity Theft account, a distorted version of the Formal Demand Notice she privately received. To debunk this new #FakeNews and #Defamation here is the link to the full text.
Explanation about why this document which should have been kept private had to be published
Link to the Tweet 


To the attention of Mrs. Ramla Akhtar, alias Rmala Aalam, alias Rmala Al'Aalam, manager of BetterBonds shop, Hussaini, Gulmit, Gojal, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan


I would like to remind the following facts:

  1. From September 18, 2019, to February 9, 2020, you mentioned me on, or sent to me, 864 Twitter publications. This was done with the intention of damaging my professional reputation, to jeopardize my personal life, to fuel xenophobia against European visitors in Gojal, to provoque a religious reaction and to tease hatred against a local minority. Your tweets constitute explicit harassment. Many of your messages include particularly rude insults and unbearable provocations. Your unsupported allegations, which you present as established facts, are characterized defamation. To better lure the readers, you even go as far as to pretend that I would threaten you with death. To these attacks you add frequent slanderous denunciations to the authorities of my city, to the President and to the Government of my country, to NGO's, to medias, to the Pakistani ... and to the Russian authorities. Doing so, you are expressing your intention to harm me even more explicitly (Attachment 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3 + Tweets file to download: That's not all.
  2. From November 29, 2019 onward, you use, in a defamatory sense, my first name and my last name in your TWITTER NAME.
  3. From December 12, 2019 onward, you use, in a defamatory sense, my first name and/or my last name in your TWITTER ID.
  4. From December 27, 2019 onward, you use, in a defamatory sense, my first name and my last name in your TWITTER PROFILE description.
  5. From December 27, 2019 onward, you use in a defamatory sense, a photo of myself in your TWITTER BANNER. Then, the forgery is complete. (Attachment 2)

In addition to the criminal facts mentioned at the point N°1. above, the way you use my name (N°2., 3., 4., 5. above) is to make sure your defamation comes to the attention of anyone who searches for me on Twitter. Furthermore your defamation is attached to each single unit of your daily flood of Tweets. As of today, your defamation is a header to 5 948 tweets. This is a massive and inhuman propaganda which can only be compared to the worst totalitarian propagandas.

It should also be noted that you jealously protect your unfair anonymity. Your real name does not appear in your Twitter ID, in your Twitter name or in your Twitter profile. Moreover, revealing the delinquent who hides thus, causes you to invoke "doxxing", enforcing your stage of «victim» while you are the tormentor.

Consequently I PUT YOU ON NOTICE  to stop  your nuisance before Sunday February 16, 2020. Which means that from this date, my first name and /or last name will no longer appear in your Twitter ID, nor in your Twitter name, nor in your Twitter profile description, nor in your Twitter posts. The use of any picture of me will be forbidden on the same way.

If from the date of February 16 your Twitter account or posts show my first name and/or my last name or any picture of me, in ANY MANNER:

  1. I will file a new complaint with the High Court for the attention of the Public Prosecutor.
  2. I will file a complaint with the CNIL (Commision Nationale Informatique et Liberté).
  3. I will use the PRINCIPLE OF RECIPROCITY. In clear, this means that I will allow myself to use your name and/or your aliases for opening accounts on social networks in order to make your criminal enterprise explicit so that you can no longer enjoy the anonymity you use against me and so that your actual reputation will be made so repulsive that nobody will give any credit to your defamation. In that intention too, I will feel free to open one or more websites in your name as you have done for a family of other victims. Of course, I will use a photo of yourself for banners and/or profiles if I consider it of interest.
  4. I reserve the right to use ANY other means, except physical violences, against yourself. I will report your radicalization to any community, authority, police force, judicial institution that I deem useful, whatever the country. I will use all available information tools and people I will consider relevant for revealing the truth. I will not refrain to ask for the support of the numerous enthusiast local friends my writings about Gojal brought to me. I will take all necessary measures to expel this gangrene from life.

Those are, unfortunately, the only options you leave to me, despite all my previous warnings.

No individual or community, not even a stranger, not even me, should be the scapegoat for your frustrations born from the failure of your personal life and from your repeated wrong choices that have spoiled the assets you got from a British education at international standards and from a golden childhood in a wealthy family.

If you express your opposition to this formal notice in private or in public, or if you publicly present a distorted version of it, for, again, hate speech and defamation purposes, then the sanctions provided for above will apply immediately, even before the date of February 16, 2020. 

All correspondence relating to this formal notice must be sent to me at the address: . No other support will be taken into consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Bernard Grua

Writen in Nantes, France, Sunday February 9, 2020


Attachment 1: daily number of stalking tweets (updated February 14, 2020)

Daily number of stalking Tweets sent by Rama Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, against Bernard Grua
Daily number of stalking Tweets sent by Rama Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, against Bernard Grua

Attachment 2: Identity theft


On February 12, 2020, the cyberstalker, on her fake Twitter account, bearing the name of one her victims, confirmed she received the Formal Demand Notice calling it "Serious Threats". The un-formal tone, the slandering words and the distortion of the letter earliert terminated the period of time which was planned for letting her being in conformity with the demand. As a consequence, it was the green light for sanctions which started immediately. Review the presentation she made and, please, have a specal look to the very interesting second post.

Usual methods of a troll: partial quote and reformulation of the Formal Demand Notice for false news cooking, i.e. presentnig it threats. 

Incredible tweet!
The cybercriminal who impersonates @BernardGrua says to him impersonation is prohibited.

Other book cooking of the Formal Demand Notice

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